Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy day!

Hey My blogger friends

I still very happy at the moment. Last night i think my friend Kev wanted to know why!? Is that right Kev?

Well I am so happy because i have got a new friend who is one of the sweetest, most genuine, caring men i have met. His name is Craig, he's a good army lad! One of the most attractive things about him is his super strong faith in God. He is coming up to stay for a week over Easter so you guys might even meet him.

So that's my good news! I'm excited, are you?!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great things happen when you least expect it!

Sometimes just when you've almost lost hope and given up God intervenes and you are given fresh hope again!

I feel so happy today and i just wanted to share it with my blogger friends! In fact this picture sums up exactly how i am feeling right now, like a little girl who has got her whole future ahead of her and is so excited about the endless possibilities!

Thank you you Jesus for giving me fresh hope! You are simply the best and i love you lots! Amen


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How do you eat yours?!

Some one asked me the other day how do i eat my creme eggs?!

I have to say it depends on how bad i need the chocolate fix! If I've got time and I'm not desperate I'll bite the top off then lick the middle out and then eat the chocolate. If i am desperate for chocolate i just eat it in 2 bites or the whole in one!

So the question is How do you eat yours?!

Having a Mary spirit

Over the last day and a half I've seen and read quite a few things that have made me think about God and his love for us.

I've started reading a book called 'Having a Mary spirit, allowing God to change us from the inside out' by Joanna weaver. I've only read the first chapter but its seams really good.

The first thing that struck me was this sentence

'For God never withholds good except when he has better to give.'

Over the last year i have really struggled with the whole being single thing as most of you will know! There have been times when i have thought surely God has got a husband out there for me, someone who will love me and want to serve god together etc etc so why is he holding it back from me? why is he putting me through this time of sadness and loneliness? I guess he could just magic up a man for me but if I'm not ready myself to get in to a relationship then that won't be any good for the poor bloke or for me or for God. I'm thinking over the last year God has been saying to me 'Gemma the best thing i can do for you right now is to bless you with the gift of singleness. I have to say that people have said that to me but I've thought flippin heck and God calls singleness a gift!! What a meany! But if i hadn't of been single for the past year i wouldn't of been able to put my whole heart and time in to CAP and to developing my relationship with God. If i hadn't of had the time to develop my relationship with God then i wouldn't of felt so comfortable talking about him to complete strangers! In the last week i have given my testimony to 3 compete strangers and most importantly 3 non Christians!! Woo hoo! God has developed a Passion in me for telling people about him! I even started to chatting to a random guy in starbucks about God! He was really interested! God just keeps giving me opportunities! Its amazing! So maybe singleness is a gift! Maybe ( I can't believe i am saying this!) Singleness is a good thing sometimes!

The other thing i wanted to talk about is a bill board type thing that i saw outside a church today as i was driving. This is what it said

Feeling Helpless reminds us that we are hopeless without God.

How true is this?! I was chatting to a friend last night who is having a really tough time at the moment for lots of different reasons but unfortunately she is not in a position were she can change anything. Its other people that surround her that need to change. One of the things she said was i just can't do anything i am helpless. I said to her at times like she is going through you have to cling on to your faith more than ever before. You might not be able to change a situation but God is the God of miracles and he can do what seems the impossible! Without his strength, guidance and forgiveness we are hopeless, totally hopeless. In fact so is life! I just can't imagine what it must be like not to know and have the security that you know what your aim is in life and what your goal is. It must be hell.

Anyway! I think i got a little carried away then! Hope it makes sense!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Whose a clever girl then!

Look what I got this week at Slimmers world! My stone and a half award!I am feeling so proud of myself at the moment! I haven't lost this much weight for a number of years now, well 7 years to be exact! I lost 2 stone with our church body and soul group in 2000. This time I am totally determined to get this weight off! The thing is is the plan is really easy to follow and i am eating loads of lovely food! I can even have a creme egg every now and then using my syn allowance! Its great!

I have also started swimming again and been doing the Vicki Entwistle WOW workout DVD! Its great fun but very energetic, but hey that's what gets the calories off. The workout is split up in to different sections. First you have to warm up then the fat burner, then Belly Buster, and the stretches and cool down. The instructor who does the DVD with Vicky encourages you all the way through the workout to smile and it does make it easier i think. I do the DVD in our living room, we have a huge mirror that you can't really escape when you are standing in front of the TV and i smile at myself and i have a laugh but it spurs me on!

Do you think we smile enough? I was looking at this thing the other day about a smile cost nothing to pass on and it makes the other person smile too! ( well most of the time anyway!) I challenge you to smile to at least 10 people you don't know this week! Its fun and what have you got o lose? It makes you feel better and it makes the person your smiling at feel better too!

Smiles all round!!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Hello My lovely friends!
Sorry i haven't blogged for nearly a whole month. Its been a little crazy recently, I have been sick and i have been busy with work as well, what with going away for our winter conference and having support worker training and a client event, its been crazy!

While I have been poorly I've been thinking alot about pain, pain relief etc etc ( this may sound a little strange!) I've been taking lots of paracetamols which have numbed the pain which has been great but when the tablets have worn off the pain comes back until i went to the doctors and got something to deal with the infection that was causing the pain.

I've been thinking in a emotional sense that's what we do too. We hurt, so we do things that take away the pain for a little while and the things that we do to forget about the pain sometimes hurt us even more. Then once that's over we end up feeling rubbish again and stuck with the initial pain. ( I hope this makes sense!) For example i went out with a friend on Tuesday night to see the film 'Music and Lyrics' , a romantic comedy staring the lovely Mr grant and pretty Miss Drew! The film was great and i had a lovely time but then on the way home i cried my eyes out pretty much all the way home! I suppose I am going to see a nice feel good film about something that i want to happen to me (The falling in love bit not writing a song and becoming famous!) but really it only rubbed salt in the wound so to speak and made me feel worse! And of course the film was unrealistic! I mean how many of you know of a happily married couple who met when the girl came in to water your plants! Not many I'm sure!

Anyway not really sure what the point i am trying to make is?!

I know that God heals emotional pain as well as physical pain but i really think that there are things that you have to do to help him, i think its to so with your whole mind set. But how much easier is it to say yeah i am going to change my mind set than it is to actually do it?! Its flippin hard! really hard!

Anyway enough rambling on that probably doesn't even make sense to anyone apart from me but nevermind! Most of you already know i'm a nutter!