Monday, May 28, 2007

On Saturday a number of my friends and friends friends went to Delamere Forest to tackle to 'Go APE' High wires course including the longest zip line in the country and many many more scary and high obstacles.

The reason for doing this was to raise money for the charity that i work as a centre manager for, Christians Against Poverty(to find out more got to
We had great fun! It was lovely to spend time with old and new friends.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Its like riding a bike?!?!

As you will of read form my previous post, for the last 5 months i have been going to slimming world and one of the things they want you to introduce is body magic - Which is basically exercise.

When i was a little girl i used to love riding my bike down to the park near to our house and it always seemed so effortless from getting on to the bike to going full speed with the air blowing in your face and feeling free. It was such a joy to ride my back, totally pain free. I hold on to these memories..............

Tonight i thought i would be super good and get Wesleys new bike out and have a litttle ride, remembering it was quite low impact sport and what a lovely evening it has been so as a bonus i would also enjoy nature etc as i was on my little trip to the park.

Oh how wrong i was!

First of all i couldn't mount the bike (so to speak!) Then (something i never thought could ever happen to me) my bum hurt, really bad. I know i haven't got a bony bottom but oh my word it hurt! Then i realised that it was flipping hard work on your legs! Then i realised that the bike had gears and that i was in 6Th gear for the whole bike ride! So i managed to get down to the park, through the park but at the thought of trying to ride back up our road which is on a hill i decided to walk!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Jolly Miller public house of prayer?!

I wanted to blog about this the last time it happened but i didn't get around to it. every now and then i met up with my friend and work colleague Claire wilner who is the centre Manager at The Frontline CAP centre in Liverpool. we meet up to go over our publicity within the area and see how we are getting on for clients and just to encourage each other really. Claire and I get on really well so its lovely to spend time together catching up and stuff. At the end of each get together we always pray. The first time we did this in the pub at lunch time ( so you can imagine it was packed!) For some reason it felt a little naughty! I guess i was worried what others may think. I do that all too often, worry about what other people think. I really need to address that characteristic in my life as it makes my life a misery sometimes.

Anyway back to the point!

Today when we prayed it just felt really natural! I guess prayer should be natural well just as natural as talking to your best friend as that's what God is to me.I was thinking that God is all around us and we can talk to him when we are doing anything so why not in the middle of a pub?!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Proud not to be a size zero

I am so saddened by this picture i found on facebook of a teenage model whose starved herself to death. Now i know that some of these pictures are airbrushed but even so why do people in marketing think this sells? Do men really find women who look like this attractive?

This makes me feel so sad.

I am very very happy and proud!

Today I have finally reached a point in my slimming when i have lost 2 stone and 1lb and i have lost 10% of my body weight! Yeppie! I am so proud of myself.
I was reading a prayer journal from January and i had written that i was joining slimming world but i wasn't in the frame of mind for slimming and i knew that it was going to be a waste of money and that i would always be fat and that i wouldn't be able to do it. Bi-jingo! I have proved myself wrong! Yeppie! I am feeling very very proud of myself. Well done Gemma Lou!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A pick me up!

Great news!

2 people that i have been really praying hard for attended the new Alpha course at our church last night and really enjoyed it! Come on God!!!!!!!

Feeling mostly sad today ( 08/05/07)
I am feeling pretty sad today for a number of reasons.

1- I had a really bad day at work, things didn't go like i had planned. Sometimes no matter how had you try it doesn't seem to be good enough. Even though you don't do things for praise, its really nice sometimes when you do something well to be told so and be given some encouragement. If you give your best how can you give more?

2- I had to say bye bye to Craig for a few weeks which was hard espcially when you are feeling poo and you just wanna cuddle - 3 weeks is a long time!

3 - I am feeling really tired physically and emotionally after the weekend which always makes you feel worse. When i get really tired i cry at the smallest things!

4 - Because i feel poo and tired and deflated i am going to buy loads of choc and naughty things and then feel fat in the morning!

Woe is me!

This year I had the privileged of being on the Roots prayer team. At first I was mega nervous, especially after we met as a team for our first meeting as all the other team members were really wise and had loads of prayer experience. Then I realised that for the last year I have been praying with loads of people (all my clients) on a weekly basis and taking in to account that to most of these people prayer and god is a totally alien concept.

The first lady I prayed with was an elderly lady who had really bad arthritis in her knee, I thought to my self that God doesn’t normally answer my prayers for healing but I prayed really hard anyway that God would heal her of the pain that she felt in her knee. After praying I asked her how the pain was and she said that it hadn’t changed. I was really disappointed and said to God “ God please can you just flipping heal her!” This happened in the morning and I couldn’t get her off my mind all day so continued to pray for her. I saw her later on that night and asked her how she was feeling, she said that they pain had gone! Praise God! I was so shocked that God had used little me in that amazing situation! I was so shocked that the lady didn’t have any pain anymore!!! But then I thought that I shouldn’t be surprised when our God who is the God of miracles does something so amazing! So then I felt bad that I didn’t have high expectations of him! Oh dear! My brain is crazy and believe it or not thinks too much!!!

There were loads of other high points of the weekend including a real confidence that God installed in me to just get on and pray with people and not to feel shy but have confidence that he was working through me and that as long as I stuck with him I would be fine! I prayed with a number of people who had been in difficult relationships and had separated. I prayed with a lady who was struggling with her prayer life. Another great thing was I prayed with a mother and daughter who was having a really tough time with her friends and was moving away to uni so was really going to miss her mum as they were really close because of the daughter’s father who had left them with nothing when she was a little girl. The next day they both came back in to the prayer tent to say thank you and that they were feeling a lot better. Yeppie!

Then there was the whole seeing Craig thing, which was great even though it was a little messy as he was working most of the time that I was off and I was off most of the time that I was working. But it was still great! I got to met some of his friends who are really nice (was nervous about this!) And he got to meet some more of my friends which was really good too. The more time we spend together the more I realise that I really love him and just how much he loves me. He treats me with so much respect and love its beautiful and makes me feel beautiful! He He! I got really upset though at the thought of mot seeing him again for a few weeks but hey its real love and we wil get through.

And then to top off a lovely weekend I go to have tea with my lovely friends from church – Deb, Will, Katie, Mary, Peter, Rosie, Sarah, Heather, Kev, Al and a man who plays the bongos and used to be in wham! Crazy!
Thanks God for a lovely time at Roots and Thank you for my friends and family and for Craig. I love you!