Friday, July 27, 2007

And there's more!!!

Craig got to meet my church family on Sunday which was lovely and probably a little scary too! Craig felt very welcome by everyone which is great! On Sunday night we went to to my other church were again Craig felt welcome and we both had fun and spent time with God.

Monday i had to work so Craig was left at home with my gorgeous dad who took him on a 3 hour walk around the fields of St Helens! ( exciting!) On Monday night we were invited out for tea to Cheryl and Gary Hayes house ( some lovely friends form the boiler room) Craig and Gary really hit it off when they first met at the boiler room ages ago. they both have a deep interest in theology. It was really lovely to chill out with Gary and Cheryl and spend time getting to know them better. It was also lovely to meet their family. It was really late when we left at 12.00am so Craig drove home as i was mega tired! I have never had a boyfriend who can drive before but i loved the fact that someone could chauffeur me around for a change! I think Craig enjoyed driving too as he doesn't get much chance at home.

On Tuesday we had a big lie in and watched a bit of super market sweep and then had planned to go to Tesco's and get a picnic and go to Croxteth Park to see the farm but as we got to tesco's i didn't feel very well at all and we ended up sat in Tesco's car park for an hour and 20 mins while i cried and waited for the tablets i had took to start working ( the didn't do any good!) I was in really bad pain and to make me feel better Craig read Harry potter to me! Sounds funny but it did help me to keep my mind off the pain. In the end we ended up going home to get a hot water bottle and i had a sleep. When i woke up i was feeling much much better! As it was Baileys birthday and Sam was up for the week we decided to go on a double date and go out for tea and go to the pics. We went to Frank and Bennys which i always call ben and jerrys by accident! And then we went to see hairspray. You must go and see this film it is so so good!!! i want to be in a musical so bad!!
It was lovely again to spend time with our friends and to get to know each other a bit better. I am so happy that Bailey in=s happy and has found Sam - he seems really nice and a good influence.

This led to yet another late night!!! Then it was Wednesday and we finally got to the farm at croxteth park and had a lovely ice cream ( mint feasts are back!!!) Then we went over to Crosby beach to look at the big men but when we got there Craig didn't feel too good so we but our seats back and sat in the car on the front and i read Harry potter to Craig for 2 hours! It was so romantic! Then we had been invited round to the pearsons house for tea ( very very special friends of mine and I'm sure Craig loves them too!) It was lovely to spend time with them and play with Katie - she is gorgeous!! We watched this great new programme called heros and then Will told us all about his game called torn city and how he is married to man on it so he could buy a house and get a better faction?! sounded very intense! I am really glad that my friends like Craig! It was another late night.

Then Wednesday finally came and it was time for Craig to pack his case and spend the last few hours with each other. We lounged around in our pj's all morning and then get ready and had bacon butties and cake for lunch! Then we decided to do a little photo shoot using my trampoline as a prop - impressive don't you think?!

I managed to get Craig to the station well on time which is a rarity! And then craig got on the train and choo choo'd out of lime street leaving me with tears in my eyes! I know i am soft but i love him!

Every time me and Craig spend more time together we become closer and closer, its so lovely. I don't know whats going on but when i look in to his blue eyes i get a funny feeling in my heart! Its defiantly love. Craig treats me with so much respect and love, he is so genuine. I love everything about him.

Me and Craig Always and forever, Ba ba ba ba ba..........

Hello! As you may of guessed Craig came to stay at my house for a while last week and we got to see each other for 7 days!!!! That is a long time in our books! It was all very fun and very lovely.

On Thursday i got the train down to the City paved with Gold! Then on Friday i went out for lunch with Craig's sister Fiona. On Friday night we went to the essentials graduation which was really cool. I got to see some old friends and make some new ones! Electralyte were on and they were flipping great! Then it was back off to Craig's house after being interrogated about CAP by the man who gave us a lift home! Then on Saturday we got absolutely soaked down to our undies going to catch the train back to my house, so much so that i had to change my top on the train! It was so lovely to get the train back to Liverpool together and not have to do the whole nasty goodbye thing. It was just so loely cuddle up together even if Harry Potter joined us for the journey! When we arrived back in Liverpool the fun didn't stop! We had to get the bus over to the hall and pick my car up and then drive back over to my house. It had stopped raining at this point, thank god!!! We both looked an absolute state , but it doesn't matter when your in love! He he!

more to follow ............................................

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Can you spot the Gem?

CAP Summer Holiday continued.......

At the Gala dinner we all got dressed up in our nice clothes and the menu was

  • Smoked salmon with salad
  • carrot and coriander soup
  • lemon sorbet ( to cleanse the pallet!)
  • Chicken breast in honey and mustard sauce with roasted parsnip, boiled potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower.
  • Marbled chocolate pyramid filled with chocolate mouse and raspberry sauce.
  • Coffee and mints

Then it was the CAPtatsic awards for people in the charity who had excelled in a certain area. Guess what?!..................

I won an award! It was for being dedicated to getting new life changers and for my effort in fund raising!!! wow! I felt so special had to go out to the front of the room and receive it and have my picture taken with John Kirkby ( CAPS founder!) I thought they had read the wrong name out! Boy did i feel special!
After the awards we had live music and danced the night away! It was such a great time! my legs are still hurting though!
During my stay i also went horse riding! for the first time and i was so so happy because i didn't have to go on the biggest horse! This may sound daft to you readers but as many of my close friends will know my weight has always been an issue to me since i can remember. This year i have lost almost 3 stone which is such a big achievement for me and believe me i am really feeling proud of myself. I have always wanted to go horse riding but always been worried about being too heavy and the stables not having a horse that i would be able to hold me. So not to have to go on the horse that will take the heaviest person felt so good! In fact my horse was underweight! The funniest part was trying to get off my horse! For want of a better expression i couldn't get my leg over his back! and then as I'm hanging off the poor animal i went in to a fit of giggles! fun fun fun!

So saving the most important stuff till last. The most important thing for me at conference is to rest and relax in the presence of God. I have a very busy life and as previous posts tell i find it hard to give god the time he rightful deserves. I was just able to worship him in total freedom through just taking time to look at his beautiful creation, listening to his word, through singing his praise, chatting to others about him, and resting. In one of the session i had a picture in my head of me and Jesus having fun, Jesus was giving me a piggyback and we were spinning around having so much fun. I am sure that they was god telling me that he is a fun God he wants to share in my joy as well as my sorrow. He wants to laugh with me and and just enjoy my company. That things don't always have to be so serious, God is the God of Joy and he wants to share in all the fun times of my life, all the blessings that he gives me that make my heart full of his joy. I am his precious daughter and as my dad he wants to share in my life in an intimate way. I think of when i was a little girl all the fun i had with my dad, the rough and tumble we used to get up to and the tickle fights, just having fun and feeling loved and safe in his company. My heavenly father wants to share in all of this fun too.

So all in all i just Thank god for his love for me and his constant encouragement and blessing in my life.

CAP Summer Holiday

Every year i go away with CAP for our annual conference called Closer - Closer to God, Closer to each other, and closer to the Vision.

This year we went to a place near Dorchester called Chantmarle. Chantmarle is a christian retreat centre. The staff at Chantmarle are really good to CAP and are big supporters of the work of CAP. This was my 2nd year of going on conference and again it was really really good. On the site there is a really old and beautiful manor house (only the staff who had worked for CAP longer than 5 years got to stay in here, i stayed in a bungalow which was also very lovely.)

The Manor House-

On the Thursday night we had a gala dinner ( which was very posh!) In the afternoon all the girls pampered themselves in this very posh bathroom. We gave each other foot spa's, massages, facials, manicures etc - Being a typical girly girl i loved this! I so wanted to get in that bath and eat a flake!
The gardens were really lovely also, however it did rain lots so i didn't really get a big chance to look around but form the pics you can see that it was gorgeous.There was a lovely swimming pool too as you can see above. i love swimming but hardly ever get a chance to go, so this was a treat again.

( will have to do another post to get the pics right)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello! As you will be aware i am travelling on the train alot more than i used to, making trips back and forth to London. I am trying go use this time to read and this weekend i took the the book ' The life you've always wanted' by J Ortberg. This book is about getting to grips with spiritual disciplines and the impact that they have on our lives. Its a great book so far, i am only up to chapter 5 but its really opening my eyes to what spiritual disciplines really are.
Before reading this book i would of said that spiritual disciplines are making sure you read your bible, making sure that you pray and give God the time that he warrants in your life, being able to quote bible verses in a discussion and that if i practice all of these things that i will be in Gods good books. How wrong was i! J Ortberg says that it is to grow in love for God and people and any activity that can help me gain power to live a life as Jesus taught and modelled it.
Quite different to my thoughts on the subject. I don't think that he is saying that we shouldn't pray and read our bibles more that we shouldn't get hung up on these things if we don't manage to fit them in to our day because we are too busy. I think that these things are really really important but just because we don't read our bible every day or we don't spend the whole day in prayer means that we are less mature spiritual than someone who does.
this makes me feel so much better about my spiritual life.
I have been trying to stay awake at night so that i can pray and read my bible but have been falling asleep mid chapter or trying to string some jumbled prayer together and then feeling really bad about it in the morning. The next bit that i have typed out below really helped me to See things a little more clearly on this topic
This is after a part on us growing in love for God and love for others.
"One thing that i have discovered when i spent the day trying to live in a love fashion is that love requires an enormous amount of energy. And i was just too tired to give it. So i realized that - as unspiritual as it sounds - if i was serious about becoming a more loving person, i was going to have to get more sleep!
I have discovered that i have a very hard time thinking and feeling and acting like Jesus when i lack sleep."
The bible has loads to say about sleep, in fact its actually an act of trust to fall asleep. I have never thought of it like that! Sleep is also a gift form God! wow!
After this i am going to try and get more sleep ( spiritual discipline) so that i can develop my love for Jesus and others! God is so cool!
- this may not make much sense to you - its just my jumbled thoughts!