Friday, November 23, 2007

Smiley Gem is back!

Hello! I am back now and i am feeling pretty happy, Well i have decided to not to let things that i can't control get me down and to start living my life in all its fullness! Yeppie!! So what has been happening lately?! Well since July ( my last post) I've been pretty busy what with going to Summer camp with the young people from church and then going away for a few days with the lovely Craig :-) working hard with my jobs - Christians Against Poverty and My salvation Army job. I've popped down to London a few times to see Craig and my lovely Friends the Pearson's. Craig has been here a few times also which has been really nice too. I'm sure that i have forgot ton to tell you about lots of important stuff but I'm kinda starting a fresh with this blog so its ok!

I was having a chat with my gorgeous and godly man last night on the phone and we were talking about some pretty important things like the Future etc and then we got on to talking about our relationships with God and things and I was saying to Craig that i would really like to feel God presence really close to me right now and just have one of those moments when you just feel the love of God in a real tangible way. Do you know what I mean? But I want it to be just me and God in my quiet time not in a big Sunday meeting or with lots of other people around just me and God so i can feel his intimacy. I guess I'm thirsty for God. What I'm getting at the moment isn't satisfying me. I just wanna be closer to God, I wanna learn more about him, I wanna be more like him. I guess that I need to make more time for this, more time for God to be able to speak to me and for me to be able to speak to him.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Sorry i haven't blogged for a while, i'm feeling pretty useless and quite sad \t the moment.