Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello! I've just sat down after making some red pepper soup for me and mum to take to work tomorrow and decided that I should blog! i thought I would tell you about my crazy experience last night! First I should fill you in on some other stuff so it makes sense!

Just before Christmas ( after a long year of slimming) I reached an almost significant goal in my slimming success! I was just 2 pounds of losing 3 stone :-) but then over Christmas ( 3 weeks of not going to class) I managed to put 7 pounds on :-( But I'm not feeling to bad about this as it was Christmas and I had to eat Chocolate, and lots of it!!!

I have therefore started a fresh with my diet new year, new me! If i could lose the same amount this year then I would be the right weight for me height which I would be more than happy with. This week has been my first real week back and I have been so good! I've been cooking meals from scratch out of my slimming recipe books and have been drinking loads of water! i have also been trying to exercise more.

Last night I decided to try out an aerobics class at our local leisure centre. the class was entitled 'Boxercise' so I thought it would be fun and would burn lots of fat. I got there and was introduced to the instructor who was really nice and just said go at your own pace. the class was aimed at beginners. Oh my gosh the first 10 Min's went and then I realised that this was not a beginners class or if it was then i must be at nursery stage! The class consisted of lots of jumping around, squatting, running, bouncing, punching, twisting oh and lots of panting for breath from me!

I went on my own as I have got no one to go with who lives up by me and all the other women in the group were all in little groups chatting etc so that made me feel like a lemon! But the other thing was that I just put a pair of black shorts on and black baggyT shirt on as I thought that everyone would be wearing the same sort of thing but it turned out to be designer fashion show! I will have to get something tighter for next week!

The worst thing about it was the floor work!! I cannot do sit ups or press ups!!!!!!!

But I'm still gonna go next week! anyone who wants to join me please do!