Thursday, February 07, 2008

Girl Power!!!!!!

The above photo is of me and Helen just before we went to see the spice girls a few weeks ago courtsey of wesley christmas!

I thought that I would blog tonight because i have had some very good news today and one of my friends told me off for not blogging!! Today I finally reached the 3 stone mark on my diet!!! Yeppie! so now i am 3 stones and 1 and a half pounds lighter and i feel great! ( even though i am still in the at risk BMI thingy!) I just wanted to share this with my friends who read my blog! i am still going to boxercise and am loving it, i go twice a week. I can even feel my muscles in my arms now!

So yes me and helen went to see the spice girls and it was so much fun! we had a great dance and a great sing, our ear drums will never be the same again it was so loud!

Me and Craig are still getting on great, we had a great weekend together last weekend while he was at my house. I took him over to delemere forest and it was great fun, we even saw snow! we also went to see cloverfield which we thought was really good!

Hope you are all well and I will blog again soon!


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Craig said...

So proud of you babe x x