Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gem Gym!

I really enjoyed going to the gym yesterday so much so that I went back today. I was really suprised at my fitness level, I was able to do half an hour on the treadmill, and cross trainer. then 15 mins on the bike and then half an hour on weights etc. It gave me a really good buzz and made me feel healthy! Yay!

I met up with Craig last night. He has been at the Youth worker conference this weekend. It was lovely to be able to spend time, just the 2 of us together. We went for a curry and then a nice walk along the front. The only downside is that it is getting harder and harder to say Goodbye and leave each other. Only 22 months to go and belive me I am counting down the days!

Anyway less than 2 weeks till we see each other again.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gym'll Fix it!

Long time no write! This post is especially for my friend Joy! After losing 4 and a half stone I am wanting to tone up my legs!

Tomorrow I am joining the local gym. I am very nervous about it! I have to have an induction so I know how to use all the machines etc

The good thing is that I am going my friend Angela who is the person who leads the aerobics classes that I go to, she is nice but Very fit which worries me! She said that we can do 10 mins on treadmill, 10 mins on the cross trainer, 10 mins bike and then 30 mins on weights etc. Feeling tired just writing this!

Oh well, I'll keep you up dated on my gym experience!

Happy reading Joy!