Sunday, December 21, 2008


The last few weeks have been a time of change for me. I've been packing up and closing down my work as Centre Manager in my role for Christians Against Poverty. This has been a very busy and hard time but I am trusting in God and I know he will look after me as he has done all my life.

I have been so so privileged to be in the position to be able to share in my clients, my beautiful clients lives. Its been such a humbling time for me and I truly Thank God for giving me the opportunity to do this.

On Thursday and Friday evening I went out and visited all my clients and gave them some Christmas gifts. This was such a moving experience as they are all so lovely and all said really lovely things about me which really made me realise how important the help from CAP has been to them.

Just want to tell you about 3 of them that stood out to me.

1- this client was my very 1st client. I remember being so nervous as I went to see this person, they were so so nice to me. This client and their child have been to all the events that we as CAP have put on and have worked so hard to become debt free, Which they nearly are. This client had bought me a lovely bunch of clients and some chocs to say Thankyou for the support they had received. I was so touched.

2 - When I first went to see this client they were living in the bottom flat of a derelict block of flats. They had no carpets and 2 garden chairs in the living room and was trying to keep a job down to keep the creditors at bay but was suffering from severe health problems which was causing great discomfort. This persons life as changed round so much since CAP stepped in. They have been able to move in to a new house with there 2 little girls and have carpet and a sofa and even a kitchen table!!! Wow! when I called at this persons house they said that I had saved their life. In reality God had saved their life and was using me to show his love to this client.

3 - The first time I went to see this client was a very difficult visit. The client's partner had tried to murder them and was now in prison. The client had been the subject of domestic abuse for many years and was carrying so much pain and hurt. This was one of the saddest cases I dealt with. This client never smiled and never had any joy in their life and was unable to work due to severe depression. I remember praying so hard that God would break into this client heart and take away the pain they had and that they would have joy in their life. I haven't seen this client for some time now. When I called on Thursday to see this client I was blown away! This client had started a new job the day before. I saw them smile! And then what topped it off was when I hugged her to say Happy Christmas and her big dog jumped up on us both and we laughed so so much and I just say Joy in this woman, pure happiness just a glimpse. I got out and sat in my car a cried, tears of happiness for the transformation in this client. I Thanked God for answered prayers.

All of my work has been in Jesus name and I pray that he will continue to look after all the families I have seen. They all have a special place in my heart.

Thankyou to all the people who have supported me in this work in prayer, finances and practical support.

Thank you Lord for all the opportunities to share your love.